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Advanced Tantric Shamanic Training

This is a training for those who have a sense of personal power, have taken responsibility for their lives, know their boundaries and can express them. Its an advanced tantra training for facilitators and advanced practitioners.

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Advanced Tantric Shamanic Training
Advanced Tantric Shamanic Training

Tid och plats

09 maj 2020 18:00 – 23 maj 2020 00:00

Skeppsudden, Skeppsudden, Sweden

Om evenemanget

This training is for those who have taken a significant level of responsibility for and power over their lives and their choices.

*It is not another healing course. *It is not trauma therapy. *It is not for learning boundaries and how to set them, *It is not about receiving permission to express *It is not a container to learn sovereignty

This is the step beyond those necessary steps.

This is a training for those who have a sense of personal power, have taken responsibility for their lives, know their boundaries and can express them, have the tools to regulate their emotions and triggers and live from a place of innate personal sovereignty versus needing to be reminded that they are in choice.

Full Details & Registration:

This is not a course to release and accept our emotions, but to become emotion. Not to accept and express the power of our sexuality, but to become an expression of sexuality. become creative life force. This is not a course to appreciate the wonder of nature, but to become the wonder of nature.

Those who have come to such a state and are faced with the question… now what?

We journey so long to come into the power to make a choice and often the landscape is even more confusing on the other side. Once we stop operating from an endless stream of patterns and integrate our shadow enough to see ourselves clearly, we come into a world of choice but one which often lacks direction.

We see how the impulses of fear and desire kept us so active and without them steering the ship we can drop into a sort of despair of the great I don't know. I don't know who I am now or what I am to do. Who am I without the stories? Why am I here? What am I called to do with this power? What is my purpose.

This is who this course is designed for. Those who have moved past the need to work with intensity and are ready to listen.

Listen to themselves. To the divine within. To God.

We have chosen the beautiful Skeppsuddens Kursgård in Sweden for this work. We will be blessed to spend three weeks of May in this exquisite natural setting including exclusive use of 25 acres of forestland and a lake (with sauna adjacent) inviting our allies and teachers in nature to support us on this path of deep listening and calling in our true purpose.

Full Details & Registration:

This month is a facilitated deep learning of our true nature through the most subtle tantric, shamanic & magickal arts, some of which are:

Breath work and Meditations

Subtle mysteries of Tantra through deep meditation, still and moving

Deep study and learning of the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra - One of the Source Texts of Kashmiri Shaivism

Tandava of Movement - The Dance of Shiva and Non-Duality

Study of the Spanda of Kashmiri Shaivism

20 Meditations on authentic living

Mirroring practices with our allies to see more clearly inside

Expanded exploration of the senses and their correlation to the power and ease

Darkness work

Utilization of Art to express our higher self

Personal Vision Quest in Nature

Circle of Mirrors Process

Advanced Energy work techniques

Learning from allies in nature

Creation of sacred tools & Objects

Sacred Eros Temples and Rituals

Sex Magic - How to use creative sexual energy to power open our heart and direct manifestation

This is not a labor intensive course. Our days and nights are rich, but we are not powering through 200 hours of curriculum as one would in first steps. Every moment of this journey is to bring you into greater alignment with your higher will, your divine self, versus any arbitrary structures.

You will spend much time in deep listening in the group rooms and on the land.

This is a course for those sensitive enough to learn from the magic of the subtle worlds all around.

We are not gathering to push and scream and break through something, but to soften, allow, listen and become everything.

Full Details & Registration:

For those yearning to learning from wild magic, wild eros, the primal powers of the Earth, the subjective nature of the divine...

This course is for those ready to go into the realm of their soul which transcends limited desire and to feel how they move as an instrument and expression of pure creative essence… Who am I beyond all the stories of me. Those who are ready to stop learning from someone and to take total guidance from the divine voice within.

This is for the ones who are at the starting gate, heart racing with anticipation and ready to sprint the instant they see their life path revealed before them.

If this is you, then join us.

*We will confirm all registrants as accepted or staff may invite you to an interview to confirm suitability.  

DETAILS: This training takes place at the beautiful Skeppsuddens Kursgård in Sweden.  We will enjoy 3 buffet meals, full use of all facilities including Sauna & Lake.

Training Course Cost: $4,890 (*Special Super Early Full Price $3,890 until December 1)   

Accommodation Cost Details:  11,400 SEK (apprx $1,200 US) to be paid upon arrival which includes all meals & bed in a dorm room. 150 SEK extra per day for a double room and 300 SEK extra per day for a single. All paid upon arrival

Monthly Installments available, as well as full payment.

Full Details & Registration:

Course Facilitators:

Eugene Hedlund - Lead Facilitator Lin Holmquist - Co-Facilitator Ohad Ezrahi - Guest Facilitator 

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