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You only live once...

...how much do you allow yourself to enjoy it?

Many people enjoy attending a group training, a retreat or a big event. The benefit of being in a big group is that you can meet many different people and interact with. Every person you meet is a teacher, teaching you something about yourself.


Even if you have a partner, you can come to a group and stay only with your partner in the intimate exercises, or agree to interact with the rest of the group within the boundaries of your relationship. The Art of Love offers trainings only for couples as well, where we create a intense presence together and in that container you put all your focus on your relationship and the shared experience between you two.


You can also book a workshop, lecture, interactive talk or a ceremony for a bridal party, a birthday or any other big life event.


Thu, Apr 09
The POINT of SURRENDER - for couples
This retreat is more than a tantra retreat and more than a BDSM/ rope course. It is a transformational space for opening up to deep vulnerability, unconditional love and surrender to trust. Together with Andy Buru, Swedens foremost shibari master Lin opens this space for you to grow.
Thu, May 07
Ängsbacka Kursgård
Tantric Exploration
This long weekend is suitable for both beginners and advanced tantra practitioners, for couples, singles, and any sexual identification. It’s a journey beyond our limitations in to a self realization as the one luminent creator of life.
Sat, May 09
Advanced Tantric Shamanic Training
This is a training for those who have a sense of personal power, have taken responsibility for their lives, know their boundaries and can express them. Its an advanced tantra training for facilitators and advanced practitioners.
Mon, Aug 03
Awaken as Love
Awaken as Love accredited trainings offer maps, tools and experiences from Tantra, Shamanism, Embodiment and Integral practices to take your offerings to the next level.
Mon, Sep 07
Wind und Weite
Are you ready to make your passion a profession? Join the dakini training now!
Mon, Oct 19
Tantra Massage Training
This massage training is for you who want to learn tantra massage for private or proffessional use.