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Tantra Therapist Training Sweden

Are you ready to make your passion a profession? Join the tantra therapist training now and find a new profession as daka/dakini, tantra therapist, sex educator or just to light up the life of your friends with your sacred sexual bodywork.

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Tantra Therapist Training Sweden

Time and Location

30 maj 17:00 CEST – 05 juni 14:00 CEST

Skinnskatteberg, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

The Event

This training is for you who feel called. For you who wants to use your own transformation, your own healing in order to heal others. It is for you who want to be a part of changing the world to a better and more loving place.​

You can choose if you want this training to be a professional training or for private use. Maybe you are already working with therapy, in medicine or alternative healing arts and you want to deepen your knowledge in how to heal sexual trauma or how to use body contact to balance hormone levels and aid the bodys natural healing powers.

Maybe you are a yogi, a dancer or a dedicated tantrica who wants to turn your passion to a profession. Or a woman who wants to use the sacred temple arts to heal the people you have relationships to without aspiering to be a therapist. This training is just right for you.


The education starts online with a unique and exciting text and video material with all the theory and all the exercises that you can use in therapy. The manual is a powerful guide to tantric therapy and sex coaching and you have access to the video material even after the training.

Additionally we have four online gatherings where we discuss the online course and where we have room for sharing together with the participants from all over the world.

You will be put together in local study groups so that you can support each others learning and embodying of the material.

​The content in the online education is:

  • The History of the daka and dakini
  • What is sex and relationship therapy?
  • The role of the therapist
  • Creating safety
  • Establishing rapport
  • Set the intention
  • Ecology check
  • Set the boundaries
  • Ritual to open a transformative space
  • Consent
  • Anathomy & physiology
  • Coaching Modalities
  • What is trauma
  • The connection between mind and body
  • What is memory - how to remodel memories
  • Activation and expansion of energy body
  • Sexual qigong
  • Self love & unveiling ceremonies
  • Yoga to open the sexual energy (kundalini)
  • The role of the therapist
  • The power of relaxation, how to switch from trauma to release
  • Healing with pleasure
  • A big bank with exercises for clients whether they come as an individual or as a couple.

After the online training, you will come to two weeks hands on training in Sweden.

Online Zoom Gathering: March 8th, 15th and 22nd at 18.00 to 19.30.

4th to 10th of April and May 30th to June 5th  -    Hands on Practice in Sweden

4th to 10th of April

The first week we will practice tantric massage and sacred sexual bodywork. You will meet men and women from all over the world that are dedicated to tantra and touch. 

May 30th to June 5th

The second week we are practicing tantric therapy. 

  • Fascia massage
  • Empty hand technique
  • Present touch
  • Touch games
  • Activating pleasure through self touch
  • Triggerpoint/ dearmouring massage
  • Inner dearmouring of mouth and throat
  • Chakra activation/ energetic sex
  • Body to Body massage
  • Yoni Activation
  • Sacred Spot
  • Lingam Activation
  • Tantric full body massage
  • Massage to awaken sexual energy
  • Grounding and relaxing tantric massage
  • How to support transformation
  • How to apply tantric therapy
  • Holding space for natural transformation
  • The foundation of tantric healing
  • Polarity work
  • Pelvic floor relase
  • Yoni mapping
  • Dominance and surrender
  • Orgasmic birthgiving
  • Healing sexual abuse
  • Working with couple therapy
  • Dealing with sexual dysfunctions
  • Sexual shamanism
  • Sexual hypnoses
  • Men wisdom circle
  • Womens wisdom circle
  • Sexual Magic​
  • Developing your superpowers as a daka/ dakini
  • Practice of giving sessions
  • ​Creating ceremonies
  • Practice and mentoring
  • Feedback Program
  • Transmission Training

After the training you will give trial sesions to trial clients who will report back to the school for your approval.

When you are approved, you get at therapist diploma and can work all over the world with individual sessions, massage, healing or couples work. ​You will also get a online course with a powerful business training in how to create a successful tantric business. 



Early bird before February 1st  3500 €  Standard price after February 2nd: 4000 € ​ - the price includes food and accomodation.


Due to the current situation in the world, we have a full cancelation policy if you would be covid positive. We also requite that you do a antigen test max 24 houers before the workshop. If you are in a risk group you shuld not practise tantra in groups but rather do one of my online courses.