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Sometimes your everyday life, the stress and tiredness are obstacles for your fire and passion in the relationship. Then you as a couple may need guidance to surpass old patterns and to find the excitement in your relationship again. Sometimes you need a third part to find new ways to communicate your needs, your boundaries and your desires. I can also support you to find emotional and physical intimacy. In a relationship, sexuality acts as a glue that binds you together and when it doesn’t work, it is easy to drift apart. Sexuality is a topic you can bring up in a couples session.

A couple session is an amazing gift to you, your partner and your family. Regardless if you have been a couple for many years or if you are newly in love - a couple session will allow you to deepen your love, your attraction and find new ways to communicate beyond your old patterns.

Because it is possible to stay in love year after year or to fall in love with your partner again after many years together! Is it possible for you and your partner to have deeper and more powerful orgasms together or to develop an expression for our love that resembles art. A session is way to come together in spirituality and sexuality and experience how can you enjoy more of each other and yourself. Communication, boundaries, intimacy, sensuality, sexuality and live purpose are questions you can bring up during a couples session. It is better to have a session before you lose the lust rather then afterwards.

"I have always been the masculine part in our relationship and finally I was fed up of being the one in control all the time. During the sessions with Lin, me and my husband worked on finding new ways to relate to each other. I was taught to let go of my need to control, it wasn't easy, but the result was well worth fighting for. Now I dare to be vulnerable and open with my feelings to my husband because I have gained an increased trust in him. Sexually, I dare to surrender in his arms and that makes me enjoy sex tremendously."


The sessions with Lin have saved our relationship.


In a session we can work with:

  • Conscious communication - a way for you to connect beyond ordinary patterns. Sometimes you can get “stuck” in communication patterns. With conscious communication you get tools to understand each other deeper.

  • Learning tantric massage - for you who are interested in tantra, massage, bodywork or energy work. This is a meditative massage that has the potential to open you to deeper pleasure, increased orgasmic experiences, spiritual experiences and it feel as lovemaking on a spiritual level.

  • Learning yoni and lingam massage.

  • Initiation to tantric healing - become each other's sexual healers through a tantric initiation.

  • Increasing intimacy - some couples struggle with lack of intimacy or that one of the partners has more libido than the other. In a couples session you can find ways to meet emotionally, sensually and sexually.

  • A romantic date - we can arrange a full tantric experience for both of you. As an unforgettable gift of love for special occasions or just for the sake of love. Ask for price suggestions and timeframes.

"Marie and I went to party therapy at Lin for six months and I was very hesitant at the beginning. When Marie raised the question to start therapy, it felt it like criticism towards me and as a continuation of all our conflicts. But already during the first session, I understood that this was something I would have needed to do already as a teenager. I found my masculinity and my power in the therapy and not only the relationship with Marie is better than ever, my whole life has changed. I have more power, more confidence and have made great changes in both professional life and private life thanks to this."