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Your sexuality as a man gives you revitalization, relaxation and satisfaction in your everyday.


You sexuality is also a way to come closer to your partner without using words and a way to be seen and to be loved for who you are.


The masculine energy is present, sharp, powerful and stable, within the classical tantra the mans sex is called Lingam. Lingam means pillar of light and is a symbol for presence and pure consciousness.


When a man's  sexuality is disturbed, suppressed or filled with shame, performance or achievement his attractiveness will decrease. He will have a hard time to relax in intimate relationships and may get problems expressing himself in his relationship with his partner.


All people need intimacy and touch to feel alive, happy and satisfied with life. If you want to explore new ways to be touched, if you are longing to be seen and loved unconditionally, exactly like you are, you are welcome to book a tantric massage.


The male sexuality is driven by testosterone which together with adrenaline. Adrenaline a hormone that is secreted in situations of danger, struggle or powerful physical efforts and if you connect violence and sexuality, the flow of adrenaline increases. Increased adrenaline may lead to a higher sexual kick. This in turn increases the need for more adrenaline to feel aroused and over time it may become difficult to become sexually aroused in more subtle and softer sexual encounters.


Even if a woman loves powerful sex,  she needs more time then a man to become sexually aroused. She needs more time to relax, feel safe and to be seen by her lover before she can go deeper sexually. As a man you can open a woman to deeper pleasure by being present, empathic and responsive. This increases your intimacy together.


"For me the tantric session gave me a totally new feeling of my sexual energy.

I learned how to circulate the energy inside my body instead of having to ejaculate when the pressure is to high. Now I can have full body orgasms and multiple orgasms just like a woman and I can choose if I want to ejaculate or not. Thank you Lin!"



Most men are at some point in their lives affected by some kind of erectile dysfunction. This is totally normal and can be a part of a mans psycosexual cycle or it may be a result of stress, medication or sexual performance. This is usually not a chronic condition however some men may need help to overcome this. Before you book a session for erectile dysfunction, check your blood fat levels at a medical doctor to eliminate the risk of a beginning cardiovascular disease which is the most common reason for erectile dysfunction in men over 45.


Some men experience that lingam becomes less sensitive and that one needs more powerful touch to be able to enjoy sexually. This may be a result of too powerful masturbation or because you have had sex with a woman whose vagina is very tense. By learning a new way to touch yourself you can heighten the sensitivity in lingam. Some men need de armouring around lingam, perineum or in and around anus to reduce tensions that has accumulated over years and hindered a normal blood flow or nerve signals from reaching lingam to the brain.


These themes are something we can work with during a  private session. During a session, coaching, touch and guidance are combined.



Some men judge the size of their lingam and are afraid it will be too small in the sexuall encounter with a woman. Maybe the woman has a hard time feeling during vaginal intercourse or she wants to be satisfied through stimulating the clitoris. A womans vagina adjusts to the mans size if she is given enough time. It takes about 30 minutes for a woman to become really sexually aroused. When she is, her vagina swells, the same way a penis does, and embraces even a finger with a hugging and sucking motion.


Sometimes as a man one may experience that lingam "shrinks" over the years. Some experience that the hardness decreases. The cause of this is many times due to tensions in pelvic floor musculature due to stress, rough masturbation or sex with a partner whose vagina is very tense.


You can learn a self massage that can increase the lingam size and ability to become hard if the massage is repeated for a longer period.


A man who flourishes sexually feels strong, confident and invincible.

"I came to Lin after many years drug abuse. I couldn't have an erection after my addiction and as a very sexual man this destroyed my self confidence. I isolated myself from contact with women. We had only two sessions together but those sessions changed my life. I learned how to have energy sex and how to enjoy sexuality with a soft penis. The same week as I was going to have my third session I had a date with a woman and I could make love to her energetically. It was something she never experienced before and she was so happy. I realised I am a gift to the women with or without erection. I also learned how to breath and massage my penis so now I have erection more often, but neither me nor my woman is depending on my penis to be hard for sexual pleasure."



Tantric therapy is very efficient for premature ejaculation. Please book a session to find out more about this.


During a session you are met where you are right now. Unconditionally, you are heard and seen - without being judged. You can talk about anything and everything, you light as well as your darkness. At the same time you are touched on your conditions.


The physical touch is an important part of a session, but so is also the energetic healing. Through touch during deep presence, the nervous system is healed from physical and emotional traumas.


We can work with all sorts of topics, shyness, shame, erectile problems, or why not learn how to make love energetically?



  • Can I have a lingam massage the first time we meet

    -No a lingam massage is a part of a healing program and is usually given the third session.


  • Am I naked during a tantra session and is the therapist naked as well?

    You can choose the level of nudity depending on your own comfortability. Most clients choose to be nude. The therapist is never nude.


  • What if I have a erection during the session?

    That is nothing to worry about.


  • Can I ejaculate during the session or as the end of the session?

    No. This is tantric therapy work and ejaculation is not a part of this therapy. The therapist is very skilled and this very rarely happens, even if you suffer from premature ejaculation.


Bookings are made  via email, if you want to talk about your session before we meet, please send me your phone number. I will not take bookings from protected and secret phone numbers. If you have questions, please send me an e-mail. To book a session or massage you need to send me name, tax registration number, address and phone number for invoice pre send.


You can book sessions in Stockholm, Västerås and Örebro or elsewhere in the world of the session is prolonged.