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In to the LighT
Sex Magic Retreat

The world is rapidly changing. 

We are heading towards times of powerful transition.

Do you want to be a part of the change?


There is a potential of a world reigned by a new awakened human kind. A world where we stand strong together, manifesting peace, true freedom and abundance of love. 

A sustainable future for ourselves and our children.


Your awakening and your wellbeing is fundamental for the future of mankind. Your happiness isn't just about you—it's a force for good that radiates outwards. Your happiness, peace and wellbeing is the seed for healthy relationships and flourishing communities and it also contributes to a healthier planet. Your positive energy is contagious, inspiring others and sparking a ripple effect of joy and positivity. 


Do you feel the calling, to weave your own life into this magnificent web of powerful co creators of the future world?


It starts here and now, with this important choice that propels you into a future of love and power. The choice of joining “In to the to Light - Sex Magic Retreat”.




15.00 Opening Ceremony

17.30 Tantric Shadow Work - turning shame and sorrow in to power and direction

19.00 Dinner break

20.30 Tantric Death Ritual



9.00 Tantric Yoga to direct Kundalini Energy

11.00 Brunch break

13.00 The Art of Pleasure, tantric massage and tantric meditation to make you tap into your innate power and to awaken kundalini. 

17.30 Dinner break

19.00 - 23.00 Sex magic ritual



9.00 Tantric Yoga to integrate Kundalini Energy

10.00 Sharing your gifts, integration and opening to the healing channel in all of us.

11.00 Brunch break

12.30 Closing circle


6th - 8th of September

Virkelig, Tangensvei 85c Copenhaven

3200 DKK

food and accomodation is not included


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