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Open up for the Art of Love

and develop your skills

as a supreme lover

"Love is an art and when love flows; inspiration, vitality, openness and pleasure flows in your life as well. When love flows, life becomes full of magic moments and connections in love. But when for some reason love does not flow, then it is an art to love.


The Art of Love is run by Lin who, in collaboration with the world's most prominent and inspiring coaches, lecturers and teachers, creates evolving spaces for a life in flow, and a life in love."

hello, i'm  Lin

"With me, you are met in non judgemental presence around the deepest questions of life. I create spaces for growth through presence, celebration, ecstasy and honesty. 


One of my bigest gifts is my ability to take pleasure from life. I take pleasure from small and simple moments, but I also create space for deep and transforming ecstasy. This is something that I am more than happy to share with you. It is a technolgy that with simple means is easy to embody and which affects your life in all areas.


With me, you are safe to open up your most vulnerable and receive authentic - unconditional love."


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" Dear Lin, I didn’t get the chance to see you before we left the festival yesterday ... Inspired by your invitation to go to someone who has inspired I’m writing to you... I’m totally blown away by your way of facilitating a room - soooo professional, so authentic, so honest, with so much vitality and humor. You had my full attention all the way - you made me laugh and you made me cry ... Thank you for the inspiration and for a beautiful, heart full and dahm sexy festival ... You are a fucking rock star Lin ... Much love Rikke"


Lin has been working with personal development for two decades.

She is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, tantra therapist, diet counselor, personal trainer, coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and she is one of Sweden's foremost therapists in sexuality, relationships and bonding. Lin has travelled the world world with her work and participated in many TV shows and news programs in Sweden, like Fråga Olle, Breaking News, "Den fantastiska historien" and "Ska vi göra slut".  

She is a highly sought-after lecturer, educator and author of the book "SEX Truths & Myths"

- a book about sexuality for young readers.



A private session with Lin is an authentic meeting in the present moment where you can explore limitations and personal powers and how you can allow yourself to love life in totality. Its a meeting between body and soul, in pleasure and sensuality. An opportunity to explore sexuality and unconditional love.


You will be guided in a coaching dialogue about your intention and your boundaries, leading to deeper coaching, tantric bodywork, energy work, healing and reprogramming of the nervous system. You can also book a tantra massage or a full tantric initiation with Lin.


You can book a session in Stockholm, Västerås and Örebro where Lin works on a regular basis. You can also book in any city in the world if you book a longer session. The duration of a session can be everything from 90 minutes to several days long.